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New Product Versions 6.58.00 and 7.58.00 (posted 28-June-2014) Now Available

It is recommended that all current 6.5 and 7.5 clients install the new 6.58 and 7.58 free updates. This version includes many improvements to DWG/DXF import and export, and integrates full DWG 2014 file format support from the ODA. We consider this version to be highly stable.

Version 6.58 includes improvements in Windows 8.1 support, many minor bug fixes, and compatibility work on the DWG import/export functionality.

There are several new internet commands that let you download and upload drawings, catalogs, and templates from the web. Web pages can use hyperlinks to trigger commands or scripts in the program. User notes are available at:


These new commands are experimental - we will see how much interest there is in using them, and what support issues we encounter. When the results are in, we may declare them "standard" and incorporate the in v7 and v8.

Existing 6.5 and 7.5 clients may download the latest free updates Order New Licenses or Updates


If you're curious what we've been working on, take a look at the website for our new product, CollectedThought™.

Our first new-generation product, CollectedThought™, is a visual information collector and organizer featuring a new user interface designed for tool transparency using our new active document technology.

With CollectedThought™, you can create custom interactive documents that collect and organize information visually. You can make custom visual dashboards that organize and manage multiple projects quickly and easily.

Visit the CollectedThought™ Website

Mike's Programming Blog

You might find Mike's programming blog interesting. He discusses the reasoning behind the new user interface, lobbies for improved reading skills, and discusses his take on many program design issues, and why he believes programs must evolve - the idea that led to our company name.

Visit Mike's programming blog.
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