Buy Evolution Computing's new CollectedThought™ program - a thought and bookmark collector that takes drag and drop to the max for quick and easy note taking and project organization!

CollectedThought™ Features
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Everything you see can be customized:

the background color and fill style

the menu, (or even if you want one or not)

the drag and drop toolbar, (you can share your own design between drawings, or each drawing can have its own)

all icons used in menus or by the program

The circular menu's background image

even the style of the window frame

CollectedThought™ is easier to use:

Simply drag and drop images and selected text from Firefox or other advanced browsers, without copy & paste.

Bookmark websites by dragging the small "favicon" from the URL box in any browser.

Make links to files on your computer by dragging the filename from any file dialog box, desktop shortcut, or explorer window.

Anything you can draw can be a container: Drop objects on a container object, then double click on the container to open a window to see and edit its contents.

Always-open containers and tool palette objects always show their contents - they are like a plate: What you drop on them is always visible and stays on the plate when it moves. Simply drag items off any open container to remove them from the container.

The days of a calendar are each containers. Drop notes, link to documents, and pictures onto a calendar day and then double-click to see everything saved for that day. You can store everything you need for a meeting inside a calendar day container.

Make quick and easy notes by dragging a text object or checkbox text from the toolbar and type only the text of the note.

Record a lecture or presentation. Notes you make during the recording or playback can be used as an audio bookmark for the recording.

Work with a variety of fill styles, image fills of complex shapes, and custom color gradients

A simple RGBA color model lets you easily fill any shape with translucent colors. You can interactively use sliders to get just the right color and translucency you desire.

Any object can be assigned a custom tooltip or action. You can create buttons, links, and other user-interface objects right inside your drawing. A mouse click can open a file, change layers, run a script, execute a system command, launch a program, or open a web page.

Text objects support mixed language bidirectional Unicode text.

Unlike desktop icons, drawings with all of their links and references can be quickly transfered from one computer to another or even emailed.

Every object has an object-specific right-click popup menu that provides quick access to common operations for that type of object - and the popup menus can be customized

CollectedThought™ contains a full CAD engine, so multiple-level undo/redo is supported. You can zoom the view in and out by any scale factor - not just integer or power of two multiples.

CollectedThought™ fully supports printing high-resolution drawings that use translucency. The CAD engine renders everything at the maximum level of detail supported by your printer for beautiful color prints and smooth antialiased curves.

CollectedThought™ contains its own built in screen-capture facility integrated with the program that can directly place captured images in your drawing or send the image to the clipboard. It features a variable-scale magnifying cursor and fine position adjustment using arrow keys to make pixel-precise screen captures - no more guessing or image cropping needed.

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