Buy Evolution Computing's new CollectedThought™ program - a thought and bookmark collector that takes drag and drop to the max for quick and easy note taking and project organization!

What is CollectedThought™?

Evolution Computing's new CollectedThought™ program is a thought collector, a chaos organizer, a personal digital assistant. It's an idea manager, a drawing program, a way to collect bookmarks and information, and a way to easily find and organize your files. It's visual. It has tool transparency. Working with it is like working with nothing else.

You can use it to make notes, To Do lists, keep web bookmarks, organize ideas, create storyboards, make presentations, brainstorm, create tutorials, plan trips, write school papers with complete source back links, plan and manage tasks, and design things. You can draw charts and diagrams. Best of all, it is easy to do these things.

Who has a use for CollectedThought™? Everyone. Writers, detectives, real estate agents, customer service representatives, and account managers. Computer programmers, small business owners, students, secretaries, managers, and study groups all can benefit from its use.

If you need to organize your thoughts, collect information from many sources, work with many documents, deal with interruptions, take notes, work on several projects at once, CollectedThought™ will make your life easier.

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